I got fed up with all these aimless iPad news apps, so I spent a weekend and built one for myself.
I’m sharing my app with all of you, 100% free and totally web based making it easier to install or bookmark.

100% Free

After purchasing my iPad, I wanted a solution that would quickly feed me news stories from around the world None of the free ones appealed to me so I built my own as a weekend project. I am releasing it for free in case some of you want to give it a whirl.


Don’t like the app store? Me neither. This app is fully accessible online without downloading anything from the appstore. Just open www.bracketslash.com on your iPad and voila! I have included a neat little icon so feel free to add the app to your homescreen with the “add to homescreen” button.


This app utilizes the iPad’s form factor and touch capabilities to make browsing fast and intuitive. Because I am always on the go, my goal was to make an app that would be quick but also slick. I am able to keep up to date on current events so easily with this app, that I rarely read the newspaper or any other news app for that matter.


To use the app, simply open up a safari window and visit www.bracketslash.com. If you want to install the app, press the "Add to Home Screen" button in the safari toolbar. If not, you can also bookmark it or make it your homepage.

This app comes as is. I am not responsible or liable for anything that happens as a result of using the app. I am currently actively supporting this project and will be making as many upgrades as possible. If you notice a bug or want to reccomend a suggestion, feel free to email me stephen@bracketslash.com

8/12/2010 1:26pm: Just to clarify some usability issues, to scroll down you must vertically swipe close to the frame on the left or right side. Thanks Ralph!
8/12/2010 8:24am: Article "Designing Web Apps for the iPad" featured on sixrevisions.com.

This app has been tested on Safari for iPad OS 3.2.1
August 2, 2010